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Spring Marine Management S.A. continuous commitment to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards, has allowed the Company to follow the path of successful and high growth management teams in the shipping industry.

Spring Marine Group - Shipping services, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Management

Our Vision

To be a worldwide provider of choice, in shipping services, ensuring the smoothest possible operation, maintaining trustworthy relationships with our customers and partners, and promoting the wellbeing and security of our employees and the protection of our environment.

Health, safety, quality and environment

Our goal is safety and environmental excellence by providing safe practices in ship operation and a safe and healthy working environment, ensuring environment and human life protection.
We strive to continuously improve Safety Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships to prevent loss of human life and personal injury.
The operations team is responsible for supporting the Masters, officers, and crew onboard to execute the voyage safely and efficiently; monitoring and paying port dues; procuring high quality bunkers in an economical manner and collecting the freight and other revenue pursuant to the charter parties.
HSQE in Spring Marine Group - Shipping services, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Management
Our crew department’s focus is on selecting, recruiting, and retaining qualified, competent, and skillful seafarers, fit for the challenges associated with their profession.

High emphasis is placed on our recruitment and induction process to ensure that all new additions to our team form an excellent fit for our company’s profile, 
values, and mission.

The department manages all personal work agreements, certificates, medical issues, seafarers’ training, visas, travel permits as well as all typical procedures related to the crew that serve on board the vessels.

Spring Marine Group Crew - Shipping services, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Management

It also keeps all personnel files/cards, updating them as necessary and takes care of official endorsements to seafarers’ certificates.